Welcome to Decolonial Discourses and German Studies

This is the digital home of a project aimed at increasing the diversity and inclusivity of teaching in German that was initiated by the Sub-Faculty of German at the University of Oxford in 2020. Taking its lead from wider initiatives such as Expanding German Studies and Diversity, Decolonization, & the German Curriculum, this project acknowledges that German Studies must develop a critical awareness of the legacies of colonialism, of continuing discourses of difference and identity, and of the need for increased inclusivity if it is to remain relevant in today’s transnational society.

This website will document the work of academics, writers, and artists at all stages of their careers, who are thinking creatively about the implications of colonialism and transnationalism for the German-speaking world. We aim to provide students and teachers with resources to engage critically with these issues both inside and outside of the classroom. This is an admittedly late but necessary first step towards instigating genuine curricular and institutional change locally and further afield. But unless we question fundamental assumptions of our canon, curriculum, and positions as students, scholars, and teachers of German Studies, this will remain a mere tokenistic gesture in these turbulent times.